Web Chair Guidelines

Web Chair Qualifications

  1. Two years of Sobriety is strongly recommended by Steering Committee.
  2. The Web Chair would benefit from having a practical working knowledge of the 12 Traditions and the 12 Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  3. The Web Chair would need to be available to serve for 2 years from their starting date as committee chair.
  4. The Web Chair would need to be available to attend Central Office Steering Committee and Intergroup monthly meetings held the 2nd Saturday of the month and provide a monthly report. If unable to attend a monthly meeting a report must be submitted to the Steering Committee Chair via email or reported by a member of the Web Committee at the meeting.
  5. The Web Chair would be required to have their own computer, have internet access via their computer and have an email account.
  6. Beneficial skills would be familiarity/experience with Photoshop, resizing of images, html coding, uploading flyers plus copywriting. There will be training and guidance available thru the Intergroup Technical Advisor and Central Office Coordinator. Having these skills, or people with these skills on the Web Committee, would be a huge plus.

Web Chair/Committee Responsibilities

  1. The Web Chair would be the keeper of the Traditions and Concepts as they apply to the Central Office Website.
  2. The Steering Committee suggests that he Web Chair create a Web Committee. This committee would provide support, input, additional skills and a group conscience decision making process. It would be asked that the Central Office Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator and the Website Technical Advisor be invited to sit in at the Web Committee meetings. The Website Technical Advisor would be available to the Web Committee for advice but not a voting member of the committee. Members of the Web Committee and the Technical Advisor are not required to attend Intergroup/Steering Committee meetings.
  3. The Web Chair/Web Committee is responsible for the content of this site but not the development and maintenance of the technical aspects of the site and would be required to obtain approval from the Steering Committee for proposed significant changes in content or design.
  4. The Web Chair/Web Committee will make every effort to keep the site as technically simple as possible.
  5. The Web Chair/Web Committee will upload the most current Newsletter, add flyer graphics to events page, upload flyer PDF files for AA related events per COWC guidelines and coding of Newsletter within Constant Contact account.
  6. The Web Chair/Web Committee will receive guidance regarding changes or additions to content from CO Coordinator via email. All files must be approved by CO Coordinator before being uploaded to website.
  7. At the end of the Web Chairs 2 year rotation the Web chair would be required to responsibly pass the baton to the new Web Chair creating a unified transition.

NOTE: The Central Office Coordinator will be solely and fully responsible for maintaining the website meeting list.